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Baking Substitutions

Nutritional yeast: A must for B12 and very palatable; use like Parmesan cheese.
Miso paste: Excellent for adding umami to vegetables; great anchovy substitute.
Vegetable broth and bouillon: Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base works well and the Veggie version is awesome
Eggs: Ener-G Egg Replacer
Flax seeds: To make a viable egg substitute for baking.
Chia seeds: For nutritious puddings and an egg substitute.
Vital wheat gluten: A great binder that also adds protein.
Coconut oil: Great for replacing butter in some recipes.
Vegetable shortening: I exclusively use coconut oil for baking (sometimes you have to pull back a little or it can be too moist. 
Maple syrup:  Don't cheat it...use the good stuff...pure. Right from Vermont

Blackstrap molasses: Fantastic source of iron. I use this to sweeten things too.
Agave syrup: It is very sweet, use sparingly
Agar agar:
Vegan substitute for gelatin.



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