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About Kristen

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Kristen Staggs

Born in Rhode Island • Raised on a lake in Mass • Came of age on the beaches of SoCal • Found my spirit in Kauai • Became a wife and mother in NorCal •
Now living my best life in North Carolina

I am not going to lie, I hate the focus being on me. I find it incredibly uncomfortable. But I often find myself out in front, talking about my passions. 

Recently a new friend said to me they were "having a hard time figuring me out". This statement really stuck with me and has made me reflect on how others might perceive me.


So, with a bit of squeamishness, I will try to sum "me" up.


I've always been an observer and get a kick out of studying people. Psychology is my native tongue. I often find myself pegging the spiritually neediest person in the room and working to lift them up or drop a little nugget of "health" love on them. I always want to save, rescue, or help people and animals, I just care so deeply about people and their well-being that I can't help myself. I want to protect the ones I love against suffering and ill health.


I started this website (and made a logo and business card) in 2008. Yet, finishing and putting myself out there has taken me this long. I just feel like it's a bit self-indulgent but more and more I feel frustrated for my friends and family who struggle with ill health and I feel like it is time to, finally, lift my voice a little higher.


Back in 2008, my insatiable desire was to spread the word about plant-based foods and the abhorrent torture that animals endure for our food. But, over the years, that has evolved, and now I want to also sprinkle in my love of general health and well-being into the mix.

Perhaps this website could be a slightly more "silent" way of helping my friends and acquaintances with little changes to help them live a happier, healthier life in general.

Having said that, I don't know everything and have no issue with being called out or taught an alternate script to help me refine my knowledge. These recipes, life hacks, nutrition tips, motivation, or whatever else you might find here all pull from my life experiences, anecdotal evidence and what feels like a billion hours reading books, articles, and medical studies.


There are a lot of experts (or so-called experts) out there and I claim to be none of them. So, enjoy this website, and take it with a grain of salt (or no salt). I'm just here to help.

And's about progress, not perfection. 


Food Marketing
is Buncha Bullshit!

I spent enough time in food marketing and design to know that it's all fonts, words, colors, and imagery to make you "feel" a certain way about food. Let my experience help you dissect this industry to help you learn the tricks of the trade. 


My Philosophy on Vegan and Plant Based

I might be the exception to the rule when it comes to this topic, but I have unique experiences that have helped me form my opinions on his industry.

Let's explore a unique perspective and learn a thing or two about where this site is coming from.   

Sick of the "health" Misinformation?

OH MY GAWD, this is the most frustrating thing about the "health" industry. Fad diets, crazy pills, subscriptions, the FDA and so-called experts. While they may all have their place, let's dive into the bull and learn a thing or two.

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